Year’s end appreciation

Your support helps us celebrate!635845200979031950-1693487873_2016yayHeading into the New Year, we at Celebrating Perseverance wish everyone joy and prosperity for a great 2016!

We also want to thank all of our contributors for an incredible experience this year. Together, we’ve managed to raise over $7,000 for the CP Program at Cincinnati Children’s. This support is dearly needed by the fine folks who help families to provide the best care, consultation, equipment, and support for some truly remarkable kids.

We’d like to especially mention our most recent donations–starting with an incomparable donation from friends Bob and Diane Rinaldi. These special friends of Jason donated to us Bob’s year end gratitude gift for leading his trade organization–a sum of $1,500! Words of kindness are not enough–you are truly remarkable people for recognizing and acting on the need. Special thanks also to Kari and Jeff C., Elizabeth S., and Ellen C. for their kind contributions as well.

Finally, thanks to all for making this a year to remember!


Missions Accomplished!

UntitledYour support helps us celebrate!

We called on you to help us raise support for Cerebral Palsy, and did you ever! Thanks to all your wildly generous and kind efforts, we’ve shattered our lofty goal of raising $5,000 for CP awareness. This princely sum will be used in its entirety to help CP kids in need in the Cincinnati Children’s CP Program. There are many superheroes in need that the program helps in many ways, from innovative therapies to providing the latest in adaptive equipment. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help these worthy kids. Give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause!

Our latest supporters deserve some accolades: Pam A., Bob F., Steve K., Steve M., Sandip P., Alex and Meredith T., Jill W., Sara M., Yizhao N., Gabby P., Kristen S., and Melissa W. Not so forget, $1230 of anonymous donations, including an astounding $1,000 gift!!! We are truly humbled by this outpouring of good will.

Oh yes, and Pete did manage to finish his 100 miles for CP (actually, 103 miles, but who’s counting!). More about this next!

The quest begins


Your support helps us celebrate!

Pete says: Here I am on the outskirts of Duluth, Minnesota, wondering what’s in store for me tomorrow and how I’m possibly going to persevere through likely the greatest physical and mental challenge I’ve ever faced. One thing is clear and strong–my motivation to run for the inspiring and courageous kids with cerebral palsy, whose daily determination in the face of overwhelming challenges makes my effort pale by comparison.

The training is finished, well over 1,000 miles on the trails and roads of southwestern Ohio and as far as Georgia, Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. I’ve suffered through bitter cold temperatures as low as -14°F, and many days with unbearable heat and nearly 100% humidity until my body could withstand no more. I’ve sought out the toughest hills and rockiest terrain, and when that wasn’t enough, I’ve jumped off-trail into dense forested hillsides and through remote stream beds. It’s been nearly a year of struggle and daily triumph. I’ve tried many techniques, lots of clothes and equipment, and five pairs of since-spent shoes. I’ve made a number of lasting friends, and in joining much effort from many kind-hearted souls, I’ve helped in a small way to inspire a movement around CP awareness that has circled the globe.

But is it enough for the –Rugged, Relentless, Remote– brand that is The Superior 100? I have 38 hours to complete a very technical trail of 102 miles. There is 21,000 feet of elevation gain, many very steep climbs and descents, the real possibility of moose, bear, hornet nest, and wolf encounters, witnessing a sunrise and possibly two sunsets without sleep, what looks like unseasonably cool temperatures that may get close to freezing. On my side, and soothing my pounding heart, I have an incomparably beautiful, serene and peaceful setting amongst many newfound local and online friends, and the empowering knowledge that we are together making a difference.

38 hours.

Let’s find out!

I’ll try to post on the Facebook page during the race as best I can.

Supporting the miles

2013-st100-cty-6Your support helps us celebrate!

Ten more days until Pete is attempting to run 100 miles for the cause! Can you join him in his support?

Our recent fundraising has continued its success, and we are now only $1000 from our goal of raising $5K for Cincinnati Children’s. Let’s see if we can get there by Pete’s race day–he has been training for nearly a year and has logged over 1500 training miles so far in preparation for this rugged course, with over 21,000 feet of climbing!

We are looking for kind pledges of any amount per mile he manages to finish–$1, 50¢, 25¢, or even 10¢ per mile would go a long way to help CP kids in need. Together with your support, we can keep him running, and reach our goal for the community.

Thanks so much to awesome new supporters Paula T., Michael M., Steve and Melanie M., Raphael M., Barb G., and another big anonymous gift. Won’t you consider joining these great folks?

Special Announcement!

11811472_10207027254710032_8592212147860206584_n-1Your support helps us celebrate!


In celebration of our Facebook page receiving 1000 LIKES, an anonymous donor has pledged to match all donations through this Friday, August 21st (up to $600.00!). If you want to help more special kids like Jason, please consider contributing at our Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Community Fundraiser page! Please help us reach our goal of $5000.00!

We’d also like to shout out our wonderful newest donors: Debbie A., Arturo H., Brett H., Steph T., Michael T., Marjorie N., and the terrific anonymous donations that also keep coming in. Thanks guys!

Up To Date


Your support helps us celebrate!

Here’s what’s new at Celebrating Perseverance:

Fundraising: Due to The Car Rally, we’ve nearly doubled our recent donations and now stand at nearly half our goal of $5,000 for the CP program. Besides the tremendous collective gift from the 1310 Car Club and our local neighborhood, we’ve also recently received generous gifts from William F., Josh Y., Uday S., and Laurie L. You all rock!

Car Rally: We can’t express enough words to show our gratitude to an entire world that came together for a truly special experience. Thank you SO much!

We are now at well over 1.3 million views of the Car Rally. The numbers are staggering: 3.2 million people reached, almost 30,000 shares, over a thousand comments from many, many countries. Best of all, there have been several offers of support to help host more events, even across the country! We can’t believe all the attention, and the possibilities of expanding this to reach more kids with disabilities are very exciting. Virtually all the comments have been positive. Here are a few:

I’ve been reading through all the comments, and for the vast majority of them I can’t help but think that this….this is how it should be. No hatred or venom or you vs. me, he vs. she. Just compassion and caring for a young man and his family, and for those of us that were fortunate enough to participate in this amazing experience.

“You guys made this kids day, if not his year! Good on you and this is something the world needs to look at! Spread this! Make it viral! Get people involved! Make these kids happy! Make your self happy! Everyone benefits here!

If I had such a car I would def do the same… only a few minutes out of your day to make someone else’s whole day.

Sorry I couldn’t make it from Alaska.

For all that participated, thank you for all of the joy you shared with this young man! And a huge thank you to Celebrating Perseverance for sharing this with the rest of us!”

Awareness: We are now at 994 likes on the Facebook page–who will be #1,000?

Jason: Last week, J spent time horseback riding at the Sundance Trail Ranch! More about this coming soon.

Training: Pete’s 100 miles for CP is coming up in only one month! He has one difficult training session this weekend, then it’s all downhill from there. Let’s hope he’s ready…Superior awaits!

The World Comes Together for CP

Your contribution helps us persevere!

First, watch the video–everyone else has!

Jason LOVES to sit at busy streets and say hello to cars. Wherever we’ve lived, Jason’s had a special place to sit, and he is quickly known as the “mayor” of his spot. People wave, honk, stop and chat, and even have been know to bring him presents!

A few weeks ago while sitting out, a special man named Jack stopped by. Jack is friends with a local car club called 1310, and he offered to organize a special drive by of the club’s special cars, just for Jason.

On Saturday, we didn’t quite know what to expect. We made some food, passed out some flyers in the neighborhood, and waited while Jack and co-organizer Dan got the cars together. Here’s what happened when they drove by:

  • Over 100 people showed up in person, many more than we expected
  • 26 high-performance cars, including top of the line Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari
  • Special appearances by cars loaned to employees by local BMW and Mercedes dealers for the day–their best models
  • A 3-car escort from the wildly supportive Blue Ash Police Department (click for more pics)
  • T-shirts and hats for Jason from BMW, Subaru, and a Fort Lauderdale Ferrari dealer
  • Many well-wishes for Jason from a kind and generous group of car enthusiasts and their friends and family
  • From 1310, over $800 in donations to the CP group we are supporting, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital CP Program
  • And this video of the drive-by, which quickly went viral

Four days later, 600,000 people from every continent have watched the video, and 1.5 million have visited our Facebook page

Words cannot describe it, but here are a few from co-organized Dan Foltz on his blog page

Check out the Facebook page for hundreds of comments, too many for us to even read–though we are trying!

Below are a few pictures of the event, with many more on our Facebook page

More soon!

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Jason’s Awesome Daytime Job

Your contribution helps us persevere!

July 21st: Here’s what’s new with us:

CP news: The Brewhaus Baking Company (BBC) is an amazing local organization that supports kids with disabilities through innovative programs.

BBC is an organization that we learned about through Jason’s high school, and BrewhausPIC2-255x300one that he participated in to his great delight. This inspiring non-profit takes leftover grains from local brewpubs to make pawcrafted, all-natural dog biscuits that are sold around the area. The coolest part is that students from special needs classes in local schools are the chefs, bakers, packagers, and sales force. The program uses this activity to teach important transitional and life skills, and proceeds from the sales all go back to help local disability organizations. How cool is that?

logoJason was very involved last year and loved his work. He contributed to many of the tasks, including the preparation, cooking, and packaging. The group was very smart in utilizing his best skill, which is enthusiastic awareness and enthusiasm. Few passersby could resist his smile, charm, and infectious pitch.

You can read more about the Brewhaus Baking Company here. Be sure to like BBC on Facebook!

Outreach: We have been very fortunate to have been recently profiled in Impact, the Cincinnati Children’s donor magazine! A feature article relates Jason and family, along with Pete’s quest and our overall community efforts to support Children’s Cerebral Palsy Program. We’ve already seen the impact from increased donors who have generously contributed to the cause. Don’t be shy, there is plenty of time to add your support, or to spread the word.

Fundraising: We are nearing $1500 in donations, with most recent kindness from Andrew F. and Anne R. Thanks so much!

Let ’em Ride

Your contribution helps us persevere!

July 13th: Here’s the latest news on All-Star eve at Celebrating Perseverance

Fundraising: We have now raised over $1,400 for the CP program. As Jason would say, “Holy SmOKES!” Many thanks to Helen D. for recently pledging support to us, and to everyone who has contributed. Let’s keep it going!

Car Rally: The Woodlands Way car rally is set to launch on Saturday, August 1st at 2 PM. We can’t wait to see these souped-up hotrods parading through the neighborhood!

CP news: Here is an amazing local organization who support kids with disabilities through innovative programs:

Rise Adaptive Cyclery is a business started by a disabled woman who rents adaptive bikes for physically challenged kids and adults. The bikes can be rented along the beautiful Cincinnati riverfront at Sawyer Point, down by the Reds Stadium. We are eager to get Jason down there to give it a whirl!

Outreach: More and more people are sharing the Celebrating Perseverance page in their own networks, and we have reached our next goal of 150 likes. Help us get to 200–It’s easy to Share the CP page with your friends with one click and assists us with our reach.

Supporting his brother’s first 5K race

Jason: Our buddy is loving his summer, with swimming, zoo trips, mayor-of-the neighborhood duties, concerts, races and runs with the family, and lots of other fun activities. Here are a few recent pictures:

Grooving at a local concert with Mom!